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Welcome to Ultrobots.com!  We are on a mission to bring you one step closer to that robot you always wanted to be friends with. We do so by offering only the best robot toys and products on the market - robots that are well designed, high quality, collectible, fun and educational!  All robot are hand-selected, tested and reviewed.  We offer them to you at a great price and with first-class customer service!  


Ultrobots has a robot for everybody.

We offer 3 different collections - 

STEAM Bots  - These are hand-selected robots designed to educate, entertain, and engage. They are the perfect aid for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and/or Math studies. All robots in our STEAM collection are tested for their quality, value, fun and education value. 

Build Bots - While its fun to own a robot! It can be even more fun when you build that robot yourself!  Our Build Bots collection offers 3D puzzles, models and more.  These robots kits are fun for the entire family to construct, and will appeal to those who are into crafting and DIY projects.

Retro Bots - Robots from the past are just as cool as robots from the future. Maybe even more-so!  We offer some of the most classic robot toys at great prices! They look great on display, and make a great additions to any room or office.

Ultrobots is a lifestyle brand for those who love robots. Together, we celebrate robots that are designed to live in harmony with humans, and make our lives all the better! Ultrobots teach, challenge and spark joy! 

Please join us as we build a community of Ultrobots fans from around the world who love to share their passion for robots. 

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- The Ultrobots Team